By: Savannah

May 19 2010

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In the last nine weeks we have talked about drugs and how they are used. We have looked at examples and seen how smoking effects your lungs.  We have also been practicing what to say if someone ask you for a cigarette.

The things I have learned in Dare are………..

I learned that there is tar in cigarettes. Tar makes your lungs black and it makes it hard to breathe. I learned that smoking makes you have shortness of breath when you run or even walk. Smoking can also make you dizzy. There are 3,000 non-smokers die of lung cancer each year from second-hand smoke.

I think this is important for me to say no because if someone comes up to me and says ” Do you want a cigarette”. I’m going to think and say to myself, it makes you stink and gives you yellow teeth. I’m going to say to myself is it really worth it and I’m going to say……………… NO!!!

Dare has made a big impact on me because it has taught me a lot about drugs and how they are used. For example if someone smokes pot there probably doing it to be cool or because they are stressed. I have learned this in Dare. Dare has also helped me because if I want to play soccer or volley ball if I smoke it will be hard for me to breathe.

Dare is an awesome program for kids all around the world even if there big or small. I think Dare is good for kids because it teaches kids to stay off drugs. It teaches kids what your lungs will look like if you smoke. Your lungs turn black and shrivels up. Thats gross!!!!!!!

I Savannah Martens pledge that I will never use drugs or tobacco and never drink and drive.